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    Unloading Pouch Model 6370

    Unloading Pouch Model 6370
    Item code: sentry 6370

    Unloading Pouch Model 6370


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    The UNLOADING POUCH from Sentry Armor is a portable unloading station designed for use in areas where an accidental discharge could have serious consequences. In addition to safely defeating an accidentally discharged round, the UNLOADING POUCH safely catches the round ejected during unloading. Measuring 9 ½" X 4 ½" X 2 ½" the UNLOADING POUCH is a discrete case that defeats NIJ level II. Insert the barrel of the weapon into the fleece lined barrel sleeve. Secure the gun in place with the retaining strap and unload the weapon. The strap holding the weapon to the UNLOADING POUCH allows simple two handed use with one hand to hold the gun while the other hand is free to remove the magazine and empty the chamber.

    UNLOADING POUCH (Model# 6370)

    Standard Features           Benefits
    DuPont® Cordura® Fabric
    • Thin and light, providing maximum strength and durability
    Nomex® Fleece
    • Fleece lined barrel sleeve will not burn and safely contains muzzle flash during an accidental discharge
    • Built in pocket catches the expelled bullet
    Light Weight
    • Small size and weighing only 11/2 lbs the Unloading Pouch is very portable and discrete
    • Metal plate under the ballistic material provides extra security
    Retaining Strap
    • Shields the trigger to protect against accidental damage
    Available Colors
    Black X
    Olive X
    Gray X
    Camo X