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    Secpro XR 5000 Prisoners Stun Belt

    Secpro XR 5000 Prisoners Stun Belt

    Item code: Shock-Belt-Secpro-XR-5000

    Secpro Upgrade XR 5000 Prisoners Stun Belt,(electro shock belt,inmate control) NSN 1095015334284 This stun belt is our best seller for inmate control.
    proven very effective and secure. Used by many institutions in the USA and world wide.

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    Secpro XR 5000 Prisoners Stun Belt

    Secpro XR 5000 NSN 1095015334284 Inmate Stun-Belt uses minimum force and acts a non-lethal deterrent which is ideal for prisoners and aggressors in transit to prevent escape and ensure the protection of law enforcement personnel and innocent bystanders.

    The stun belt is a proven method in aggressive inmate control.the stun belt is sold only to government and police buyers.

    Once activated via long range remote control (50 to 100 meters), the belt offers a 50 000 volt shock on all sides together with a 110 dB siren.


    * Long range remote control activation 50 to 100 metres.
    * 110 dB earpiercing siren to attract unwanted attention.
    * High voltage, Non-Lethal but effective shock all around the belt from one point to another.
    * Pre-set adjustable timer for duration of warning siren and shock.
    * Cables throughout the belt prevent it from being cut with a knife.
    * Fully rechargeable, complete with Ni-Cad battery and charger.
    * Tested by and in use with South African Authorities.
    * Wrist and arm restraints as well as as handcuff ring.
    *Velcro plus D-Rings ensures belt to be securely locked.
    * Unlike with firearms there is no permanent damage or use of unnecessary force by using this equipment.
    * Fully warranted in accordance with the Force Manufacturers warranty against faulty workmanship.


    1. Non-lethal but effective electronic shocking device with an output of +- 50,000 and pulses of 1,4 micro second duration at an average current of less than1 micro amp.
    2. 110 dB warning siren
    3. Long range remote control activation of warning siren and shock 50 to 100 meters.
    4. Keyswitch ON with standby light indicator.
    5. Standby time approximate 40 hours.Operating time +- 2 hours continuous activation or 900 activations.
    6. 8mm thick and 60mm wide by 140mm long belt,made from robust webbing and covered with lasting and durable Codura material provides the basis of the belt.Added to this is the pouch which houses the energizer box.
    7.The belt tightens with strong seat belt bands through D-rings and Velcro for added security.
    8. The seat belt straps also secure the upper forearm and a heavy duty ring is also fitted to further secure the aggressor with handcuffs.