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    Multiple hit capability Level III :Body Armor Plates

    Item code: TGlevel_III

    Multiple hit capability Body Armor Plates (can take 12 hits) Floats on water (Price is per plate)

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    Multiple hit capability (can take 12 hits)Body Armor Plates DYNEEMA® insert Body Armor Plates Level III specifications We have provided DYNEEMA® Body Armor Plates inserts to governments and organizations operating in war zones where automatic rifles are a serious threat such as Iraq and Afghanistan. - Protection: NIJ level III - Weight: 3.0 lbs / piece - 10” X 12” - Multiple hit capability (can take 12 hits) - Floats on water - Protection against grenade shrapnel Ammunition that we tested on this insert include the following: 7.62 x 51 FMJ (Winchester .308 NATO ball) 7.62 x 39 FMJ (Kalashnikov) 7.62 x 39 MSC(Kalashnikov) 7.62 x 54mm 7.9 Sniper rifle Dyneema’s superb weight-to-strength ratio makes it ideal for personal protection applications, including ballistic inserts, where the highest levels of protection are required without compromising mobility. Dyneema inserts are used in bullet-resistant vests and protective clothing for bomb disposal experts. The Dyneema grades used for inserts are Dyneema HB2 or HB25 This is pressed into plates using a high-pressure pressing cycle developed by DSM to ensure maximum performance. Excellent ballistic protection Dyneema UD inserts provide protection against rifle threats, alone or in combination with ceramics or steel. Dyneema UD is unique in that it can stop rifle rounds, such as NATO Ball and AK47 Mild Steel Core, on its own. In combination with other materials, Dyneema UD also provides protection against armor-piercing bullets (e.g. NIJ level IV). All options have excellent multi-hit capabilities. The UD construction makes backface deformation wider and less deep, thereby minimizing blunt trauma effect. Light weight Much lighter than conventional solutions such as ceramic or steel strike plates, Dyneema inserts provide the same level of protection at only half the weight of ceramics. Soldiers using Dyneema inserts can save up to 4.5 kg, allowing them to carry additional supplies, bullets or communication equipment for greater effectiveness in modern warfare. In combination with ceramics, Dyneema UD provides multi-hit protection against armor-piercing bullets at the lowest weight. Insensitivity to water and UV light No water repellant treatment is required. Dyneema UD’s performance is not negatively affected by sunlight exposure or ambient conditions, even in the hottest climates. Processing requirements To ensure maximum performance in this application, Dyneema UD is pressed into plates using a high-pressure pressing cycle developed by DSM. Dyneema UD is easily cut to size, and plates are easily molded, even to multi-curved inserts. (Price is per plate)