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    Riot Control Vehicle Model SECPRO 6500 on MB Chassis

    Riot Control Vehicle Model SECPRO 6500 on MB Chassis
    Item code: SECPRO6500

    Riot Control Vehicle Model SECPRO 6500 on MB Chassis

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    General: The SECPRO riot control vehicle was developed on the concept of providing an effective, non lethal means of controlling and dispersing potentially violent crowd gatherings, while keeping in mind the physical safety of both the vehicle's crew and the demonstrators.

    In many cases, the mere presence of vehicle on the scene will be enough to prevent any violence. Its large imposing structure, coupled with its flashing lights and siren, are a deterrent to most would be rioters.

    In the cases where confrontation is inevitable, the SECPRO riot control vehicle provides the necessary tools to put a quick end to the violence. Its main weapon is the Security Pro specially designed electric water cannon system. This cannon is computer controlled and has a range of more than 50 meters. Because of the unique pulse system, SECPRO's cannon has the ability to deliver a blast of water at pressures up to 12 bar, with the greatest of accuracy, and, at the same time, conserving water. Should the situation call for it, the operator also has the option of adding, through the turning of a switch, such additives as tear gas, or dye coloring to the water spray.

    Each vehicle is also equipped with a front end dozer blade which will quickly clear the path of any debris that the rioters may have put down to impede its movement.

    When used effectively, the SECPRO riot control vehicle will quickly disperse even the most unruly crowd, without any injure.

    No less important to us is the safety of the vehicle's crew. The vehicle's smooth exterior prevents the rioter from mounting it. Each vehicle is also equipped with a 360 degree, self protecting tear gas duct system. When used, this system will spray tear gas all around the vehicle and quickly drive back any rioter to a safe distance.

    The SECPRO riot control vehicle is also equipped with two systems of fire extinguishing foam nozzles. One is located on the under carriage of the vehicle to eliminate the effective use of burning tires, or other debris, in trying to stop the vehicle. The second system is located on the body of the vehicle to quickly put out any fires that may be caused by the throwing of Molotov Cocktails or any other burning material.

    The SECPRO riot control vehicle is cost effective and is produced under the scrutiny of ISO 9002, using only the best materials and taking advantage of more than 20 years experience.


    MODEL SEC PRO 6000-I
    1. CHASSIS
    1. Type MERCEDES-BENZ 1828 AXOR model.
    2. Total weight (G.V.W) –18,000 KG.
    3. Drive – two (2) wheel drive (4x2).
    4. Engine - Four stroke diesel engine, water-cooled, 8 cylinders.
    5. Output - 280 HP at 2100/min
    6. Wheel base (W.B.) - 3600 mm
    7. Lighting - an automatic reverse light comply with all road traffic regulations.
    8. Cab and Crew compartment - steel construction; accommodating 3 persons including the driver.
    9. Instruments and accessories – meets all Traffic Regulations.

    The SEC PRO superstructure includes:
    1. Water tank
    2. Liquids and additives compartment
    3. Storage lockers
    4. Rear (pump & pump-engine) compartment
    5. The superstructure - galvanized metal, corrosion treated.
    6. The superstructure is mounted on the chassis; allows flexibility to prevent torsion or breakage in the tank.
    7. The liquid compartment stores the tear gas, dyestuff systems, foam (emulsifier) system and accessories.
    8. Storage lockers for tools, pipes, and additional accessories. The storage lockers and all compartments are w/easy access, and lockable doors.
    9. Engine compartment - air circulation for the engine, protected from fire and stones.
    10. Piping work, control valves, fittings, couplings, and hoses - all according to highest international standards; selection is based on different system pressure requirements.
    11. There are no protruding parts or handles for grabbing or climbing, and all locks are flush mounted.

    1. Water tank capacity -6000 liters. Galvanized sheet metal 3 & 4mm thick. The water tank is situated high up. The outside cover is smooth with no brackets, to prevent rioters from climbing.
    2. Inspection manhole.
    3. One drain outlet at the lowest point of the tank.
    4. Inside partitions as a breakwater.
    5. One filling connector, 2 1/2” with coupling. Located at rear side of the vehicle (inside the rear compartment).
    6. Electric level indicator.
    7. Overflow pipe 4” to spill the overflow behind the rear axle.

    1. A heavy-duty centrifugal fire pump with self-priming system.
    2. Pump delivery - 2400 L/MIN at 10 bar.
    3. Fully automatic, 7 meters deep suction self-priming unit. All accessories needed for water pumping (lakes, river, and hydrants) are provided.
    4. Pump housing and impeller are high-grade aluminum alloy casting, seawater resistant. Pump shaft is stainless steel.
    5. The pump runs by separate diesel engine (see par. 5)
    6. The pump is completely drainable.

    1. Air-cooled diesel engine.
    2. Suitable for warm climate operation.
    3. The pump-engine is mounted at rear compartment and w/easy service access.
    • The computerized system enables the operator to instantly set target’s direction.
    • Water saving w/ first pulse.
    • Accurate and friendly user.
    • Allows the operator to shoot while the vehicle is in motion.

    The Water Cannon System main features are:
    1. Designed and manufactured by SECPRO.
    2. Operated by electrical D.C motors, equipped with gear heads for speed reduction, to allow precise pan & tilt motions. Cannon’s positioning is not affected by jet pulse firing.
    3. Covers an operational horizontal range of approx. 350 degrees, and vertical range of (-) 15 degrees (as a safety feature) to + 50 degrees.
    4. Water jet range of 50 meters.
    5. Three water firing modes are available (short pulse, long pulse or continuous stream), with longer operational time using the same amount of water.
    6. Variety of shooting mixtures - plain water, water mixed with tear gas, water mixed with dye coloring or water mixed with tear gas and dye coloring together.
    7. The cannon - stainless steel and composite materials resistant to corrosive liquids.

    • An automatic computerized system – friendly user.
    • Enables the operator to concentrate on mission so possibilities for human errors are negligible.

    The control systems main features are:
    1. A computer controls the water cannon system.
    The advantages of a computer controlled system:
    2. Precision control of the amount of water fired.
    3. Precision control of the amount of gas added to the water pulse.
    4. Allows precise timing control for the gas/dye adding to the water pulse. Each pulse carries additives. The - self flushing system prevents clogging and corrosion.
    5. Precise control of the water level in the water tank.
    6. Precise control of the gas/dye level and pressure in the tank.
    7. Real time precise positioning of the water cannon so to free the operator (in the cabin) from direct eye contact with the cannon.

    • The cannon and functional systems are controlled by a combined control panel; located at driver’s cabin.
    • Enables the operator full and easy control on all systems.

    The panels include the following control features:
    1. Electrical gauges indicating the amount of water, gas, dye and foam (Emulsifier) in the respective tanks.
    2. Switches for pump and pump engine operation.
    3. Cannon location and firing controls, with three firing modes:
     Short pulse
     Long pulse
     Continuous jet
    4. A swivel knob to operate cannon’s horizontal movements.
    5. Cannon elevation control -handle w/ trigger for water shooting.
    6. Knob selectors to activate the additives (separate knob for gas, dye and foam).
    7. Pressure gauges
    8. Operational control for vehicle bottom protection.
    9. Operational control for vehicle roof protection.
    10. Operational control for vehicle perimeter protection.
    11. Operational control for vehicle bulldozer.
    12. Operational control for vehicle Halogen searching light.
    13. Operational control for the ground sweep nozzles.
    14. Manual operation as a backup.
    9. GAS/DYE INJECTION SYSTEM (two separate systems)
    • The operator can add the gas and dye additives, separately or together, by the simple touch of a button.
    • The additives join the flow of water and are being controlled automatically by the computerized system at shooting time.
    • The additives’ system is designed to deliver additives only in time of shooting. Each such system includes:
    1. A gas/dye tank, 60-liter capacity, stainless steel.
    2. Tank working pressure of 15 BAR (tank test pressure of 40 BAR).
    3. Gauges and pressure switches.
    4. High Pressure air compressor with a pressure of 15 BAR.
    5. Pipework and couplings connection to the water control system.
    * Self-protection systems operated by the control panel to secure crew and vehicle in the most violent situations.
    1. Chassis bottom foam protection
    The chassis bottom foam protection system shields the RCU bottom from incendiary bottles (molotov cocktails and other fire elements), and include:
     Foam tank
     Foam proportioner
     Foam nozzles
     Control system (at the control panel in the driver’s cabin)
    2. Side and Rear gas nozzles:
    Gas nozzles mounted on each side and the rear of the RCU, to prevent possibilities of rioters approaching the vehicle. Gas nozzles operation is being controlled from the driver cabin.
    3. Roof & windows sprayers:
     Foam nozzles mounted on the roof to deter chances of fire on top of the vehicle.
     Water sprayers mounted above each window for cleaning.

    Positive-Pressure System:
    A positive-pressure system prevents gas penetration into cabin. Operated from driver’s panel.

    For all windscreens, windows, exterior lighting, loudspeaker and radiators, 3-mm diameter hot-dipped galvanized steel grilles/ demounted protection type, with brass studs and wing nuts, are provided.

    1. Three-tone electronic siren with a public address microphone.
    2. Two blue blinking lights on the roof of the driver cabin.
    3. Halogen search light parallel to the water cannon.
    1. Complete documentation is delivered with the vehicle; both operational and maintenance manuals are included.
    2. The manuals include the followings:
    • Vehicle manufacturer - Operation and Maintenance.
    • Operation, Maintenance and Trouble-shooting for the riot control system.
    • Electric sketches for the riot control system.
    • Water, foam, gas and dye systems sketches.

    1. One week free of charge training.
    2. Training is given at customer’s site (for police personnel).
    3. Training includes a complete live practice in demonstration and hands-on operation of the riot control system.
    4. Technical training of staff to enable solving basic technical problems.
    5. Technical training -vehicles’ and riot control system maintenance.

    1. Close circuit T.V + video provide full documentation of the different incidents.
    Can also be used as an excellent training tool. The system includes:
    • C.C.TV camera
    • DVR
    • Monitor
    • Power supply unit
    • The video monitor and the V.C.R are located at the driver’s cabin, and the video camera mounted on top of the RCU (parallel to the cannon).

    * Front bulldozer mounted in the front of the RCU. Clearing roads and burning obstacles, vehicles, and other items.
    * Operated by vehicle’s air system; controlled by the combined control panel.

    1. The bumper monitor model SECPRO 03, design for water and AFFF (foam) operation.
    2. The monitor made of light alloy to resist any corrosive material.
    3. Remote-controlled from inside the cabin by separate control panel and a joy-stick.

    • Water or water/foam solution
    • Output: 500-750 L/min at 10 bar.
    • Throw range: up to 20 m
    • Rotation: 170 degrees (85 degrees each side).