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    Police Water Cannon Kit for Riot control : A JET PULSE WATER CANNON SYSTEM: SECPRO offers the latest in Police Water Cannon Kit



    1. WATER CANNON The computerized system enables the operator to instantly set target´┐Żs direction. Water saving w/ first pulse. Accurate and friendly user. Allows the operator to shoot while the vehicle is in motion.

    The Water Cannon System main features are: Designed and manufactured by BAT. Operated by electrical D.C motors, equipped with gear heads for speed reduction, to allow precise pan & tilt motions. Cannon´┐Żs positioning is not affected by jet pulse firing. Covers an operational horizontal range of approx. 350 degrees, and vertical range of (-) 15 degrees (as a safety feature) to + 50 degrees. Water jet range of 50 ´┐Ż 60 meters at 11bars. Three water firing modes are available (short pulse, long pulse or continuous stream), with longer operational time using the same amount of water. Variety of shooting mixtures - plain water, water mixed with tear gas, water mixed with dye coloring or water mixed with tear gas and dye coloring together. The cannon - stainless steel and composite materials resistant to corrosive liquids.

    2. WATER CANNON CONTROL SYSTEM An automatic computerized system ´┐Ż friendly user. Enables the operator to concentrate on mission so possibilities for human errors are negligible.

    The control systems main features are: 2.1. A computer controls the water cannon system. 2.2. The advantages of a computer controlled system: 2.3. Precision control of the amount of water fired. 2.4. Precision control of the amount of gas added to the water pulse. 2.5. Self flushing system to prevent clogging and corrosion 2.6. Allows precise timing control for the gas/dye adding to the water pulse. 2.6 Precise control of the water level in the water tank. 2.7 Precise control of the gas/dye level and pressure in the tank. 2.8 Real time precise positioning of the water cannon so to free the operator from direct eye contact with the cannon.

    3. CONTROL PANELS ´┐Ż The cannon and functional systems are controlled by a combined control panel; located at driver´┐Żs cabin. ´┐Ż Enables the operator full and easy control on all systems. The panel consist the following control features: 3.1. Electrical gauges indicating the amount of water, gas, dye and foam (Emulsifier) in the respective tanks. 3.2. Switches for pump and pump engine operation. 3.3. Cannon location and firing controls, with three firing modes: 3.3.1. Short pulse 3.3.2. Long pulse 3.3.3. Continuous jet 3.4. A swivel knob to operate cannon´┐Żs horizontal movements. 3.5. Cannon elevation control handle w/ trigger for water shooting. 3.6. Knob selectors to activate the additives (separate knob for gas, dye and foam). 3.7. Pressure gauges 3.8. Operational control for vehicle bottom foam protection. 3.9. Operational control for vehicle roof foam protection. 3.10. Operational control for vehicle perimeter tear gas protection. 3.11. Operational control for vehicle bulldozer. 3.12. Operational control for cannon´┐Żs Halogen search light. 3.13. Operational control for water sprayers for windshield and windows. 3.14. Operational control for the C.C.TV system 3.15. Manual operation as a backup.

    4. GAS/DYE INJECTION SYSTEM (two separate systems) ´┐Ż The operator can add the gas and dye additives, separately or together, by a simple touch of a button. ´┐Ż The additives join the water jet and are being controlled automatically by the computerized system at shooting time. ´┐Ż The additives´┐Ż system is designed to deliver additives only at time of shooting. Each such system includes: 4.1. A tear gas tank, 60-liter capacity, stainless steel. 4.2 A dye tank, 60-liter capacity, stainless steel. 4.3. Working pressure of 15 BAR (tank test pressure of 40 BAR). 4.4. Gauges and pressure switches. 4.5. High Pressure air compressor with a pressure of 15 Bars 4.6. Pipe work and couplings connection to the water control system.


    Self-protection systems operated by the control panel to secure crew and vehicle in the most violent situations. Chassis bottom foam protection

    The chassis bottom foam protection system protects the RCU bottom from incendiary bottles (molotov cocktails and other fire elements), and include: * Foam tank, 100 L. * Foam proportioner (mixer) * Foam nozzles * Control system (at the control panel in the driver cabin) Side and Rear gas nozzles: Gas nozzles mounted on each side and the rear of the RCU, to prevent rioters from approaching the vehicle. Gas nozzles operation is being controlled from the control panel at driver´┐Żs cabin.

    Roof & windows sprayers: * Foam nozzles mounted on the roof to extinguish any fire on top of the vehicle. * Water sprayers mounted above the windshield and side windows for cleaning.


    Close circuit T.V and video system provides full documentation of the different incidents. The system can also be used as an excellent training tool. The system includes: -Video camera - D.V.R (Digital Recorder) - Color monitor - Power supply unit The monitor and the D.V.R are located at the driver´┐Żs cabin, and the video camera mounted on top of the RCU (parallel to the cannon).

    FRONT BULLDOZER  The front bulldozer mounted in the front bumper of the RCU. Clearing roads and burning obstacles, vehicles, and other items.  Operated by electric-hydraulic power system; controlled by the operator/driver from the combined control panel.


    1. Modes of operations 3 Different modes: short pulse, long pulse, and continuous stream (dramatically reduces water consumption and extends the operation time between water tank fillings). 2. Self flushing Automatic (after using gas or dye, to prevent any clogging or corrosion). 3. Gas percentage Precise control of the amount of gas added to the water. 4. Dye percentage Precise control of the amount of dye added to the water. 5. Modes of Pressures *High pressure for long range. *Low pressure for short range to prevent body injuries. 6. The cannon control system enables the operator to instantly set the cannon's direction without direct eye contact with it. 7. The water cannon is made of stainless steel and composite materials resistant to corrosive liquids. 8. The combination of water/gas/dye can be changed instantly at any given time by the operator. 9. Nozzle valve: to prevent dripping and contamination of vehicle. 10. The horizontal & vertical movement of the cannon can be adjusted to any required range. 11. The range of the cannon (with maximum pressure) is 55-60m.

    GAS/DYE SYSTEM (two different systems) 1. Way of operation Injected to the water by means of positive pressure, which eliminates the risk of cabin contamination through CS leakages. 2. Amount of Gas/Dye mixed with the water- Precise and accurate. Not affected by the water pressure. 3. Self flushing of dye Automatically after using dye. 4. Self flushing of gas Automatically after using gas. Note: Common suction method systems are affected by great mechanical problems comparing to injection method. Herewith the disadvantages of suction method systems: Cannot precisely measure the amounts of gas or dye to be mixed with water. Leaking problem is very common and causes contamination of all system valves and pipes (result in blockage). CS Gas leaking contaminates the cabin. SELF PROTECTION SYSTEMS 1. Foam nozzles on deck to extinguish Molotov cocktails- Controlled from the control panel 2. Foam nozzles under the vehicle to extinguish burning objects on the road. Controlled from the control panel 3. CS Gas nozzles around the vehicle to protect from approaching rioters. Controlled from the control panel 4. Windows sprayers- Water sprayers mounted above each window and windshield for cleaning. Controlled from the control panel. 5. Camera housing: the front and rear cameras are fully protected against light ammunition and vandalism.

    6. Filtration & positive pressure system to prevent penetration of gas (and other materials) to the driver's and crew cabin.

    ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS/ FEATURES 1. Hosereel w/20m hose & tap to wash the vehicle's compartments, the vehicle itself and its surroundings. 2. Front bulldozer blade to clear any possible obstacle from the vehicle's path. Operated from the driver's control panel.

    3. Automatic Suction (self priming) system enables the water tank to be filled from any source of water such as lakes, rivers and dams.

    4. All the functions are operated from one operator's Control panel which is user-friendly and operators can be trained quickly and easily. 5. The water pump is operated by independent diesel engine, which enables the vehicle to drive at any speed during the cannons operation.

    6. Electrical level gauge for all the tanks, i.e water, teargas, dye and foam. 7. Rear camera and monitor for backward view, as a standard.

    8. Protective screens for windows, windshield, radiator, lights etc 9. Spotlight parallel to the cannon for night operation.


    1. The SECPRO Co. is the leading manufacturer of Anti-Riot vehicles in the world with 20 years of proven experience and the police forces of more than 30 countries rely on SECPRO vehicles for their Riot-Control.

    2. The vehicles from SECPRO are specially designed and built as Anti-Riot vehicle to achieve the maximum performances needed during the rioting situations.