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    Personal Protection for women

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    Personal Protection for women ,Stream pepper spray ,pepper sprays, Stun guns. Self defense products that may save your life . We have all heard about crime statistics, they look the same, but there are many factors involved in them, age, zip code, race, gender, economy. But some data can be generalized; women are more of a target than men for crimes like robbery, sexual assaults, and rape. Personal safety should be more of a concern for women than men. Men are generally the stronger and more aggressive of the two sexes. Women's safety should be a priority of the individual woman as well as the men in her life. These daysí women live increasingly independent lifestyles. They are taking jobs where they are out all night or traveling. These rolls have traditionally been played by men, who are less at risk. Women out on their own in unfamiliar places are very much at risk of a random assault. To address these evident statistics women need to develop extra awareness when they are not in their immediate environment. On top of that develop scenarios of responses to what happened if situations. Basic body language and projection to any potential assailant that you are not an easy target can help defuse most random attackers. The other more deliberate criminals need to be addressed, and the only way to defend yourself against an attacker is by self-defense training and the immediate availability of a self defense products like stun guns or pepper sprays that will knock down attackers and leave them incapacitated for 10-20 minutes thus giving you time to escape. You must treat pepper spray and other self-defense product as lifesavers, thus take care of them so when you will need them to work they will. Not Recommended: Small pepper spray key chains may give you a false sense of security; they have very limited about of pepper spray and can shoot to 5-8 feet when outdoor conditions are ideal. Stun guns are not toys, they are self defense weapons and you should treat them as such. When buying a stun gun you must find out if they are legal to use in your county. Cheap stun guns will give you a false sense of security, when buying a stun gun check for output, design, safety features and if itís to cheap its probably not high quality. Buyer beware! Recommended: We recommend that you use Stream pepper spray and a 1.9 oz or above canister size, they are much more reliable and can last longer. Stun guns, can be a deterrent or a surprise weapon depends on the individual situation, when buying a stun gun make sure you understand all the safety features and stick to quality products not cheap one, you may end up depending on a performance of a low quality product and you will wish you did notÖ The most common mistake is to have pepper spray but deep in the purse or in the car, timing and accessibility are critical. Also you have to make sure your stun gun works properly, battery is fresh and your pepper spray is no more than 3 years old and was not exposed to to much heat, that can make it less potent. So be aware, and be prepared to survive if ever put to the test! A. Even Security Expert www.securityprousa.com