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    iSafe Alarm Backpack

    iSafe Alarm Backpack
    Item code: iSafe-AB

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    The only backpacks designed to give you the power to signal for immediate HELP in dangerous or harmful situations. Equipped with 130 decibel sirens and a high intensity strobe light, these security backpacks are the world's loudest personal alarm system (louder than a car alarm)

    "This backpack may end up saving... and untold number of lives"
    Montel Williams - The Montel Show

    "My husband and I bought a backpack from you two years ago after Carlie's death. My granddaughter was only 6 at the time. She was taught the proper way to use it if she needed to. She did, after a teen started to chase her, she pulled the cord and it scared him away. Thank God! Thank you."
    Dorothy Stachnik in Florida

    Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Safe!

    Fabric: 600D/PU Nylon
    Weight: 2 lbs 2 oz
    Dimensions: 12 x 16.5 x 6.5

    Spacious main compartment Large front accessory pouch Spacious interior mesh pocket 2 side mesh pockets Front accessory mesh pocket Adjustable chest strap for additional safety Shock resistant and Water resistant

    Backpacks Security Features:
    Two 130 decibel sirens blast signals in opposite directions. The sirens can be heard within a 100 yard radius and are located in the lower back section of the backpack so the sound does not affect the user. A high intensity strobe is also activated simultaneously and can be seen for up to 500 yards away. The activation switch is located on the right shoulder strap underneath a small safety flap and can easily be pulled to activate the alarm system. The backpacks powerful alarm system operates with 8 -AA batteries and is capable of providing up to 5 continuous hours of signaling time before new batteries are needed.
    At what age should a child use a Carlie Security Backpack?
    Not younger than 8 years old.
    How do I keep my child from playing with the alarm?
    The Carlie Security Backpack must be used responsibly. It is important for parents of young children to emphasize this product is not a toy and should be used as a tool to help them escape dangerous or harmful situations.
    Will the Carlie Backpacks alarm system hurt the users ears?
    No, because the alarm system is concealed in a pouch that emits two siren signals in opposite directions, away from the user to attract attention all around.
    Will the Carlie Security Backpack operate in the rain?
    Yes, it is water resistant and shock resistant.
    How do you activate and deactivate the alarm system?
    You simply lift the switch cover and pull the cord. Instantaneously, the pin will disengage from the switch to activate the system in a split second. To deactivate, reinsert the pin.
    How long can the alarm system run?
    The Carlie Security Backpacks alarm system can run up to 5 continuous hours before draining the AA batteries.
    What if an attacker tries to take the backpack off my child?
    When worn correctly, it would be extremely difficult and time consuming. Unlike small hand held or strap on alarm devices, that can easily be taken or covered because of their size, the Carlie security backpack has an adjustable chest strap that secures the backpack around the child. This prevents the backpack from easily being taken from the user.
    Can the Carlie backpack pass through airport security?
    Yes; however, we recommend removing the batteries before transporting.
    What are common uses for the Carlie Security Backpack?
    Children, teenagers, college students and adults can benefit while hiking, biking, skating, camping, confronted by a dog, stranded, trapped in a harmful situation and many others.