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    Myotron 26,000 pulse watts (0 inventory !!)

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    • Myotron 26,000 pulse watts (0 inventory !!)
    Designed for the FBI, the Myotron utilizes pulse waves to overpower the subject's neuromuscular system using electrical levels recognized as safe, non-injurious and non-lethal by medical and scientific communities. Prolonged contact may result in a cosmetic trace similar to two tiny mosquito bites, which will disappear in a short time. It causes no injury, cuts, burns, bruises, etc. It can penetrate up to 2" of clothing and it will not cause an electrical charge-back to you if you are touching the assailant when the device is applied. Key Features: Measures only 2-1/2" wide x 4-1/2" tall x 1" thick. Fits comfortably in hand or pocket. Disguised to NOT look like a weapon - giving you a distinct tactical advantage. Pearl black w/CHROME plated hardware. 26,000 pulse watts power. Includes safety slip cover, wrist strap, key chain attachment, lithium battery pack, VHS video and 59-page Checkmate owner's manual. Made from high quality polycarbonate plastic which is virtually unbreakable. Manufacturer Lifetime Unconditional Warranty (excludes battery pack) Don't be fooled by its small size and non-weapon-like appearance. The Myotron placed in the palm of your hand gives you enormous power.