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    Magnum spike vehical stopping spike system

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    • Magnum spike vehical stopping spike system
    Magnum spike vehical stopping spike system : Comes in 2 models : The 16ft. i.e. a wrap and roll Model MS-16 that comes wrapped in a black HD ballistic nylon runner and packed in the same HD black ballistic nylon zipper bag. This is the most popular of the MagnumSpike! line of tire deflation systems. This model can be rolled out like a carpet runner, and rolled up like a bed roll after use to be packed away in itís own specially designed zipper bag. Each of our MagnumSpike! systems come with the following free extras: 1. 50 spare replacement spikes with silicone sleeves and protective caps. 2. A special ambidextrous KEVLAR glove to be used when replacing spikes (the MagnumSpike! are field serviceable without any tools). 3. A geared winding reel with 45ft. of 150 lb. test nylon cord. 4. Printed illustrated instructions, with the wrap and roll models and a video with all models. Please inquire for bids at : sales@securityprousa.com