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    Grapple Realistic Ground Fighting Tactical Training Dummy

    Grapple Realistic Ground Fighting Tactical Training Dummy
    Item code: dum-gm

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    Grapple Man is a life size training dummy designed specifically to improve ground fighting and grappling techniques. He has been designed as a simulated human figure with realistic arms, legs, head and torso. His human like appearance is unlike any other grappling dummy. Grapple Man is made of a unique polyurethane compound molded over urethane foam. His skin has the feel and resiliency of human flesh. Grapple Man's joints are held together with steel cables that can hold 4,100 lbs of strength. His joints articulate in a manner similar to that of a real person. He is 6 foot in length and weighs in at 55 lbs. Grapple Man comes with a fitted Ballistic Nylon suit.

    Designed in this manner, Grapple Man is an ideal training partner for various disciplines of Ju Jitsu, Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting.

    If you're tired of looking for a training partner, or if you've injured others in training, consider GrappleMan

    He is always available when you are available!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. What is the outer skin of Grapple Man made of ?
    A. Grapple Man's outer skin is made of an extremely durable Poly-Vinyl compound.

    Q. Do Grapple Man's joints articulate?
    A. Yes. Grapple Man's joints have been designed to simulate a human being as closely as possible, while keeping cost effectiveness and durability in mind. His shoulders and hips are simulated "ball-and-socket" joints. His elbows and knees are simulated "Hinge" joints like that of a human.

    Q. What holds Grapple Man's arms and legs together ?
    A. Grapple Man's arms and legs are held together by a steel cable skeleton. The shear strength of the cable is 4,100 lbs.

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