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    GoldFlex Pro Max IIIA Body Armor

    Item code: Goldflex-Pro-Max

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    Conventionally vests have been made with the ballistic panels inside a Polyester/Cotton or fabric outershell carrier. We make one of the very best carriers in Polyester/Cotton or CoolMax® – with the ballistic panels suspended from the top of the vest (to prevent the common problem of sagging and curling ballistic panels).

    Note the coverage under the armpit - maximum side protection for the Weaver stance.

    What you can't see is our superb internal suspension system that holds the ballistic panels up from the top to prevent sagging or curling.

    - Soft Sweat-Wicking Undershirt next to your skin to stop chafing and wick sweat away from your body THREE times faster than cotton.
    - 12-point Infinite Adjustability: Elastic/Velcro attachments to get just the right fit for YOUR body, combined with our super-soft 100% DuPont Kevlar or ultra-thin 100% GoldFlex to mould to your body.
    - Mesh Shirt-tails: streamlined for less bulk and more ventilation.
    – saves 2 layers of Polyester/Cotton cloth outer carrier compared to most vest designs.
    - 12-point Infinite Adjustability
    - Elastic/Velcro attachments, so every corner of your vest can be snugged down exactly right for YOUR body.
    - Elastic/Velcro suspension straps attach DIRECTLY to the ballistic panels – unlike most vests you are snugging the ballistic panel directly, not just pulling on a cloth covering to the vest.
    - Far more secure (and long-lasting) than "T-Shirt" style carriers that use stretch fabric to hold the vest to your body.
    - No hassle removing a cloth carrier for washing.
    - Tired of hassling to pull your vest's ballistic panels out of the outer cloth carriers? (And then hassling with the Trauma Plate.) With the Modular Wear System you simply drop your Base Layer Sweat-Wicking Undershirt in the wash, no muss, no fuss.
    - Suspending the ballistic panels from the top eliminates the sagging and bottom-curling problem often seen in other vests.
    - Extra-tough Nylon Covering to the ballistic panels (tough enough to wear outside your uniform, if needed).
    -Optional outer T-Shirt is a heavy-duty fabric that wicks sweat 3 times faster than cotton, and will stand up to 100 industrial launderings. No cloth outer carrier to wear out !
    - Outer cloth carriers are the first part of a vest to wear out, even regular washing simply wears them out – especially the elastic straps.

    With the Modular Wear System you don't have to wash the Elastic/Velcro suspension every time you wash the Sweat-Wicking Undershirts, and you can easily get three times the life out of the Elastic/Velcro suspension.

    More Economical Stop wasting money on carriers that wear out

    Options... Easily change your vest color just by changing the outer T-Shirt. No need to spend $50 to $100 on another carrier.

    The Modular Wear System ballistic panels are compatible with any of our other ProMAX carrier options from Traditional, to Rifle Plate Pockets, to a Quilted Outerwear Vest, or our new Waistcoat Outerwear style.