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    SECPRO EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot

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    SECPRO EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot

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    The SECPRO EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot is a fully mature, compact, and inexpensive teleoperated robot system.

    Since 1994, over forty systems have been delivered across the United States and the world. Customers include the Air Force, Navy, FBI, ATF, NASA, as well as the Turkish Army and the Slovenian Army.

    This man-portable system can be operated remotely using the standard radio control, or with an optional fiber optic control system.

    Modular design allows the operator to quickly configure this system for current needs. A wide range of accessories greatly increase this system's utility.

    The system is powered by quick change battery packs: one in the vehicle and one in the control console.

    Two extra vehicle battery packs are supplied with each system. One extra console battery pack is standard. The battery packs provide up to 4 hours of operation and are recharged using the supplied battery charger.


    The platform without the manipulator is only 4 1/2" high using the small wheels.

    It can easily inspect under vehicles and in other confined areas. Also available are a set of 6 1/2" large wheels. This platform can operate in a wide variety of terrain, including mud, sand, grass, and gravel.

    It can easily climb curbs and some stairs.

    A black and white camera with pan and tilt capability is located on the front of the platform. A black and white back-up camera is also standard on the platform. Optional camera configurations are also available.


    The manipulator assembly can be quickly attached and detached from the platform without the use of tools. The arm reaches from 6 inches to over 5 feet.

    It includes 180 degree wrist pitch, 360 degree wrist rotation, arm elevation from below horizontal to beyond vertical, and 9 inch gripper opening with 4 different gripper sets and adjustable gripper force limit.

    A new elbow function enhances the utility of this arm. The manipulator can lift up to 50 pounds and drag over 130 pounds.

    The wrist camera is a high resolution, full color camera. It is positioned to always have a clear view of the gripper.

    All cameras on the SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot have powerful adjustable beam lights controlled from the control console.

    Control Console

    The control console provides user friendly operation of the SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot by means of a radio control link.

    A built in digital voltmeter indicates the the voltage level of the battery pack.

    The console includes speed controls for robot function, a camera select switch, and a "Weapons Firing Circuit".

    This circuit provides a failsafe means of remotely firing a disrupter by a 3-step sequence on the console.

    (1) Weight of SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot with Arm - 24kg Feature: Can be carried in a squad car and hand-carried for deployment Next-lightest other robot: Vanguard weighs 52kg

    (2) Lifting Capability of SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot on arm 23kg Feature: Weight of checked luggage in air travel Next-strongest other small robot: Vanguard can carry 16kg

    (3) Height of SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot without Arm - 11.0cm Feature: Low enough to inspect underneath cars and furniture Next-lowest other robot: Vanguard 40.5cm

    (4) On SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot, claws of hand open to 25cm Feature: Can grasp larger objects Other small robots - 20cm or less

    (5) SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot can reach heights up to 235cm Feature: Can inspect, grab or disrupt objects in aircraft luggage compartments Other small robots reach only 140cm or less

    (6) SecPro EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot can travel on small wheels, large wheels or tracks Feature: Undercarriage fully adaptable to terrain Other robots offer either wheels or tracks, not both

    Military • Government • Law Enforcement • Civilian • Security
    SECPRO EOD - Bomb Disposal Robot System Specifications

    Robot without w/Standard Arm w/Standard Arm w/Extendable Arm

    Vehicle an arm held horizontal held vertical held vertical

    Length 58cm 124cm 58cm 58cm

    Width 43cm 43cm 43cm 43cm

    Height 11cm 30cm 124cm 100 to 245cm (*)

    Height (using elevator block) n/a 61cm 155cm 130-275cm (*)

    Weight 14kg 23kg 23kg 30kg

    (*) Extendable arm telescopes

    Control Console on shoulder harness w/o hardcase in hardcase w/color LCD

    Width (right—left) 32cm 61cm

    Depth (front—back) 24cm 48cm

    Thickness (up—down) 11cm 22cm

    Weight 4kg 16kg

    Arm Joints Standard Arm Extendable Arm

    Range of movement at shoulder 0° to 90° +10 to –10°

    Range of arm bending at elbow +90° to –90° (180° total) this arm has no elbow

    Range of wrist pitching up-down +90° to –90° (180° total) +90° to –90° (180° total)

    Range of wrist rotation ± 360° continuous rotation ± 360° continuous rotation

    Range of turntable rotation right—left +90° to –90° +90° to –90°

    Mobility Standard Wheels (10) Large Wheels (4 to 6) Track System

    Wheel diameters 11.5cm 15.24cm two tracks

    Ground clearance 3.3cm 5.3cm 13.2cm

    Maximum speed, standard drive 17.7m/min 23.2m/min 6.1m/min

    Maximum speed, optional high-speed drive 28.3m/min 37.1m/min 9.8m/min

    Maximum height of traversable step (*) 22cm 30cm 36cm

    Maximum width traversable ditch (*) 31cm 36cm 40cm

    Maximum angle of lateral stability (arm held low) 35° 35° 45°

    Maximum angle of climbable dry surface 43° 45° 48°

    (*) more with techniques using arm

    Control and Video Systems Standard RF Extended Range RF Fiber Optics

    Open range line-of-sight 300m 500m 100, 200 or 300m

    Built-up areas 100m 200m 100, 200 or 300m

    Lifted/Supported Weight in Hand Standard Arm Extendable Arm

    With arm near vertical 22.7kg 21.1kg

    With arm horizontal 5.5kg not applicable

    With arm horizontal and optional counterweights 11.0kg not applicable

    Power Supply Vehicle Control Console

    12 Volt sealed gel-cell batteries in modular power packs 2 pcs in 1 module 1 pc in 1 module

    (replacement gel-cell batteries available world-wide from local industrial supply houses)

    Run time on one charge (depends on severity of use) 3 to 4 hours 4 to 5 hours

    Battery charger, automatic, charge rate controlled; (runs on AC at 110/120V or 220/240V or 12V DC car lighter)

    Environmental Characteristics

    Operating temperature range -30° to +75° C

    Operating humidity range 0 to 99% non-condensing

    Water Splash-proof and water-resistant but not submersible