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    ELECTRONIC JAMMING SYSTEMS :ECM mobile Electronic Counter Measures

     ELECTRONIC JAMMING SYSTEMS :ECM mobile Electronic Counter Measures
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    ELECTRONIC JAMMING SYSTEMS :ECM mobile Electronic Counter Measures ELECTRONIC JAMMING SYSTEMS 1. Prospective Purchasers: The Tactical Electronics range of systems have been proven and provide effective operational protection to a security team / VIP personnel. These systems are reliable and user friendly with an emphasis on weight and size reduction without any reduction in performance. The development of these systems has been continuous over the last 20 years and they have an extremely good reputation. We have been recognized as developing one of the most effective systems and supply to military, enforcement and private security teams worldwide. We have credible sales and client lists, and are US DoD CAGE registered. 2. The Systems: 2a. CENTURION The Centurion system is a popular design, which can be fitted into a vehicle, carried as a portable unit or used as a stand-alone system. Clients should specify the system preference. The man portable unit has a small additional cost with the additional battery pack. The broadband system comes in two options. 20-500Mhz or 20-1000Mhz. CENTURION SPECIFICATION Frequency range 20-500Mhz 20-1000Mhz Power Output 100 watts pep 100 watts pep Signal Type FM Noise FM Noise Radiation Monopole type (option for log periodic) 1.65m Monopole type (option for log periodic) 1.25m Cooling Forced air system Forced air system Supply 12-20 vdc (24vdc optional) 15 amps 12-20 vdc (24vdc optional) 15 amps Environment -20 - +55 humidity to 90% rh -20 - +55 humidity to 90% rh Rugged Epoxy coated steel case 265x225x135 3.6kgs Epoxy coated steel case 265x225x135 4.8kgs Control Supplied with remote control pad antennae all cables installation card & fixings 2b. WOLF The Wolf system provides a total solution to meet the demand for a vehicle installed wide band jamming system. The unit encompasses the wide band barrage system favored by operators worldwide and also the latest in GSM / UTMS / SAT communications jamming. Add this to an internal rechargeable battery where the system can be operational without the need of vehicle power and you have a total solution for ECM protection. We have options available for the antennae array but our standard supply is a single magnetic mount with a small high gain aerial. We can supply directional antennae systems for use in siege or communications denial applications. Our clients have preference for magnetic mount aerial systems, as systems can be changed quickly from vehicle to vehicle. We do however recommend a fixed aerial platform wherever possible to ensure minimum signal loss. WOLF SPECIFICATION Frequency coverage 20-500Mhz, (CDMA) 860-885 Mhz (GSM) 925-965 Mhz. (DCS/PCS) 1800-1950 Mhz, (UTMS/3G/SAT) 2100-2200 Mhz Power levels 20-500Mhz 100 watts pep CDMA 32 watts DCS/PCS 32 watts UTMS/3G/SAT 32 watts Power supply 13.2 volts nominal @ 25amps Internal Battery 24 volt 12AH NI/MH rechargeable Run time - internal batt 1 hr @20 deg C Temperature range -20 - +55 C Humidity 90% RH Case Zinc coated with epoxy powder coat Weight 18kg inc internal battery Size 340x280x210 Connectors Mil spec Cooling Forced air through custom heat exchange Air filter 50 microns Antennae connectors 50 Ohms (N Type) Signal type: Barrage GSM/UTMS FM modulated noise for barrage section Frequency hopping FM / noise Internal battery recharge time 5 hrs on external charger 6hrs from vehicle power 3. PRICING: SYSTEM SPECIFICATION PRICE PER UNIT CENTURION Standard veh fit 20 - 500Mhz WOLF SYSTEM 20 500Mhz CDMA 860-885Mhz GSM 925-965Mhz DCS/PCS 1800-1950Mhz UTMS/3G/SAT 2100-2200Mhz 5. ORDERS: We have some Centurion units currently in stock. Systems are manufactured to client spec and we can turn around a batch within 4 weeks. 6. SPECIFIC DETAILS: 6a. The cooling of the systems is done with heat exchange casing and internal fan. We use a mil spec fan, which has performed well in operational conditions even in Iraq. Whilst there is always some sand and dust which may get into the unit in these conditions, the units have performed well and without damage. We have several Private Security Details and Military also using our systems in Baghdad & Mosul and they have been pleased with the systems performance and rugged design. The units have been tested at US Mil proving grounds and have met the required standards. 6b. 18 months ago the President Musharraf of Pakistan was saved from an assassination attempt of a remote detonated bomb which was defeated by a ECM Jamming system. The designs and systems built by SECPRO Tactical Electronics had been fitted into these very same presidential vehicles to ordered client technical specification. A Mr Robert Wells was our installation engineer for the task and I was personally instructed by the Government to purchase and fit the systems. Mike Williams. Our systems have been proven. 6c. Fitting of the systems into a vehicle of any description is pretty simple and requires the minimum of technical ability. In fact the simple installation allows the unit to be placed with ease into another vehicle in just over an hour. It is not a major installation and we find that the end user can easily install the system and operate without technical support. We do however provide a full installation service if requested. 6d. A full manufacturing warranty is supplied on all systems and valid for one year. Technical support is ongoing and we can offer full support and servicing for many years. 6e. Our systems operate over a client specified broad band range. This means that anything operating over this range will be jammed. End users should consider the tactical communications problem, which this will present. We can install a communications window or even offer advice on high power communications equipment, which will allow tactical communications. Our systems are used at the highest levels and can be supplied as stand alone units for buildings / checkpoints, man portable or vehicle fit.