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    Dyno-Flex Practice Batons

    Dyno-Flex Practice Batons
    Item code: PracticeBaton

    Dyno-Flex Practice Batons



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    Dyno-flex Practice batons are unique!

    More Realistic: Dyno-Flex are slender like a real baton, not bulky and fat.

    More Durable: With Dyno-Flex, broken batons and premature impact blowouts are not possible.

    Less Traumatic: Most practice baton manufactures wrap 1/2" PVC with layers of various foam to create a padded baton. Injuries still occur when direct contact to the skin or muscle exist. As Full-Contact Weaponary, you'll find that with Dyno-Flex, you may not even need a padded suit to create the realism in baton training that you need. (Though a scenario suit; FIST, Red Man, Hit Man, etc. must be recommended).

    Less Expensive: Ordered individually or by the case, Dyno-Flex is less expensive than other batons available.

    Available in various sizes: Standard sizes included: 24", 26", 31"

    Also available: Dyno-Flex PR-24, Practice Nunchaku, & Practice Knives.

    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Chicago PD, NYPD, and hundreds of Law Enforcement academies worldwide have switch to our Dyno-Flex Practice batons to Improve Training and Reduce Injuries.

    Don't let another injury happen - order Dyno-Flex and Fist Training Suit today!