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    Bodyguard Services  & Executive Protection Services

    Bodyguard Services & Executive Protection Services

    Bodyguards & Executive Protection Services for VIPs. The person that can save your life must be someone you really trust, SecurityPro will ensure you get only the best professionals in the business! Executive Protection is our specialty. Bodyguard Service International We will provide you with professional bodyguard service anywhere in the US or overseas. We require one week advance notice. Bodyguard services are being used by all civilian service contractors in Iraq, the need to protect company employees and assets is part of the budget planning of any government contractor in hostile areas of the world. Ongoing kidnapping and terror acts are unpredictable and can strike anywhere at any time, thus security consultants and bodyguards with experience and valuable part of any operation overseas by US and other nationals that came to realize one fact: Work cannot be accomplished if your employees are not safe. This new phenomenon gave rise to private security and bodyguard agencies, however the candidate must be screened very well to weed out any bodyguard that does not meet the high standard this industry demands. Past experience in highly stressful environments and the ability to get out of hostile situatiuons and understanding the culture of the enemy are absolutely a must. Security Pro USA partners with the top US schools for bodyguard training including tactical driving course and stunt car driving techniques, and we have a database that can qualify bodyguards based on specific requirements. The Team: We manage a team of highly skilled specialists. Together we will address the selected security plan for the best possible outcome. The skilled professionals who work for us are Investigators, Security Specialists, Security Consultants, and Information Brokers. Together we come up with a solid security plan for you. Orders or questions 1-800-264-8273 M-F Pacific (9:00a-6:00pm)
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