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    Bob Sparring Partner Martial Arts Training Dummy

    Bob Sparring Partner Martial Arts Training Dummy
    Item code: dum-bob

    Bob Sparring Partner Martial Arts Training Dummy, Our Bob Martial Arts Training Dummy Is Ideal for Boxing, Sparring and Kick Fighting, Bob Martial Arts Training Dummy Is Made Of A Soft, Unique Polyurethane Compound Molded Over Urethane Foam


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    The "Bob" sparring partner is a realistic upper torso figure that is ideal for boxing, sparring and kick fighting. "Bob" is made of a soft, unique polyurethane compound molded over urethane foam. His skin has the feel and reiliency of human flesh, yet he is durable enough to tolerate thousands of strikes, kicks, and jabs. With upper cuts to the chin and jaw, "Bob" head will recoil just like your competitor. His realistic human like appearance is unlikeany other sparing dummy. "Bob" comes with a base and adjustable pole. Once filled with sand, this base provides enough ballast and stability to endure punches and kicks from any one that is serious about training. "Bob" has a unique twist-lock mechanism with 6 adjustment heights that makes it fast and easy to adjust his height from 66 - 72 inches. This capability makes "Bob" ideal to practice alternative strikes or upper-cuts. Since "Bob" only requires 4 sq. ft. of space, he is an ideal personal trainer that can be accessible at all times. He is perfect for the garage, bedroom, playroom, or training room.
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