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    AB-3K Depository Safe

    Item code: AB-3K

    Availability: Yes
    $599.00 Retail Price: $535.00 Sale Price:You Save 11%!
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    H W D H W D H W L H Dia 19x10x15 13x10x12 10 1/8x9 1/8 10x2x4 weight :135 pounds The AB-3 and AB-3M small rotary hopper depository safes are made for the deposit of small envelopes and small bags. These safes are ideal for use in service stations, trucks, convenience stores, or any business where cash needs to be protected. The A&B rotary hopper depository safes come in a variety of sizes to fit many needs. These safes are equipped with larger hoppers and also have larger receiving capacities. Lock Options: Combination (C), Dual Key (K), Electronic (E).